A gaming organization that aims to create space and opportunities for women in the gaming industry has closed on a move to take its movement to the next level.

On April 6, XSET, the world’s fastest-growing gaming lifestyle organization, announced that it has acquired Queens Gaming Collective, according to a press release shared with AfroTech.

Launched in 2020, the women-led media and lifestyle company has worked toward building a more diverse, inclusive gaming industry. Its mission perfectly aligns with XSET’s, which sparked its move for the acquisition of the brand.

“They had high profile backers, which caught my eye — but, most importantly, they were thinking differently, which played a major role in their popularity within gaming culture,” XSET Chief Culture Officer and Co-Owner Erin Ashley Simon shared with AfroTech via email. “As we grow XSET, we want to partner with gamers and creators who deserve the limelight despite age, race and gender, which was one of our biggest motivations for this acquisition.”

As Simon is a gamer herself — who identifies as Afro-Latina and is a part of LGBTQIA+ community — she knows firsthand the challenges that come with trying to diversify the white male-dominated industry. To play a role in combating such barriers through her role at XSET, bridging the gap alongside Queens Gaming Collective was a no-brainer.

“XSET is a diverse company — from our investor base, board, and employees to our talent. However, we’ve always wanted to increase our number of women content creators,” Simon said. “Now, that we’ve done just that, our goal is to find more opportunities for these ladies, inspire even more women gamers and advocate for them, while truly leveling the playing field. Whether it be securing brand deals, creating their own merch, or working with other XSET talent — we want to offer them support and make sure they’re treated as a pivotal part of our team and the industry overall,  because they deserve it.”

The press release details that Queens Gaming Collective global roster is set to join XSET’s portfolio of more than 44 talent.

As XSET looks to become a global leader, the acquisition will aid in the expansion of its needed infrastructure, resources, and representation for women competitors.

Additionally, the gaming organization will “expand Queens Gaming Collective’s support of women gamers through a wide range of services including talent management, brand partnerships, merchandising, as well as IP development and licensing to connect and promote women on a global scale.”