A couple’s wedding request has sparked a viral debate on social media.

Instead of traditional gifts, Camille and Corwin Hemming asked for their wedding guests to contribute to their cash fund, Financial Times reports.

According to the bride, who is a 31-year-old brand manager, roughly one-third of their family and friends went through with their request. The Hemmings ended up raising $10,000 for a mortgage downpayment in 2021 through their wedding registry. 

“A wedding is one of those few times when you get a lot of gifts and people are ready to invest in you and your future as a couple,” Camille shared with the outlet. 

The Hemmings story has gone viral, but they are one of many wedded couples who have joined the wave of cash funds.

The outlet reports that millions of users on wedding planning websites like Zola and The Knot are asking for their wedding guests to cover housing or other expenses. 

With the state of the housing market and property prices rising, The Knot shared that one of its survey results showed that “the value of contributions to housing-related funds surged 79 percent this year.”

Twitter users’ views were split between being understanding while others considered the request to be “tacky.”

“At this point, I thought cash was the standard gift for weddings,” one user tweeted. “No one really does registries anymore. But there is a classy way to request that and I hope they took that route.”

Now, being given more context to the Hemmings request, some Twitter users may have a change of heart within the debate.