Tyler Perry and Taraji P. Henson promoted their new film Acrimony in a hilarious Tinder takeover video with Vanity Fair.

In the video, Perry and Henson takeover two Tinder accounts, and try to get each user a date. Both of the award-winning artists said they never used Tinder before, and were surprised to learn just how it works.

Swiping for Devin, their male contestant, Perry found little to approve of, looking at one young woman's picture and commenting, "Anytime you are blowing in a picture you are sending subliminal messages." 

The duo quickly swiped left on multiple profile pictures, continuing their hilarious commentary, noting that one girl looked like she just got out of jail. However, one lucky girl, Pooja, they really liked. Sadly, they didn't know how to work the app, and swiped left on Pooja by mistake.  

"Pooja if you are out there find Devin," Henson said. 

Things didn't go much more smoothly when they took over the account of their female contestant, Tori.

Henson was quick to give her some words to the wise when looking at a profile that featured a lot of party pictures. "Girl, he got Alizé , get outta there," the actress said.

She also broke it down for Perry what it means when someone is "just visiting" and "looking to hang out."

Tyler and Henson laughed about online dating, and the how it's different from dating in the past.

"This is how you guys date now? In my day you had to meet someone on the street," Perry said. Henson responded, "You sound like my mom." 

They eventually found a perfect match for Tori, and messaged her match. Hopefully, the end of this Tinder takeover will be wedding bells. 

See the full video below: