Virginia Union University (VUU) is launching a new transformative initiative that’s pairing tech with generational wealth for its students.

According to an announcement, the historically Black university has announced its partnership with Apple as well as a Smart Campus initiative, which will provide its first-year students with a bundle of the tech giant’s products to help them with their studies and prepare them for the workforce.

The new initiative — referred to as “Mobile Learning, Mobile Life” — will reportedly start by offering the incoming class of 2025 an iPad Air, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard Folio, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro.

VUU President and CEO Dr. Hakim J. Lucas claims that the Smart Campus initiative will not only assist students in their educational pursuits, but the devices will also be used to help them as they become working professionals and set them on a path to build up wealth for their families.

“Creating a Smart Campus at VUU is critical to the academic learning environment of a 21st Century student,” he says in a statement. “Apple has the products, apps, and professional learning support that will allow our students to access books, classes and research materials at their fingertips. Our collaboration goes much further than technology; Smart Campus will help as we prepare students to enter the workforce, putting them on the path to generational wealth.”

In addition to the Apple product bundle, all VUU students will also gain access to Apple’s coding and app development curriculum. This curriculum is expected to prep students for STEM careers post-graduation and contribute to the growing number of students of color in these professions.

“At Apple, we believe education is a powerful force for equity and opportunity, and we’re excited to work with Virginia Union University to support their new Mobile Learning, Mobile Life initiative,” Susan Prescott — Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise & Education Marketing — says in a statement. “We’re proud that Apple products will be an integral part of student life for VUU Panthers, and can’t wait to see where the future takes them.”

Outside of the new products, VUU also plans to incorporate Apple technologies into its campus by granting students the ability to access buildings using their iPhone and Apple Watch and add their student ID to the Wallet app. Additionally, the university’s cafeterias will also accept Apple Pay for students’ meals.

For more information about the Smart Campus initiative, click here.