To help people of color find reliable information about skincare, Vaseline and digital health company HUED have joined heads to launch online database See My Skin .

According to a press release, See My Skin will be helpful to find quality care from board-certified dermatologists and find skincare conditions for people of color. The newly established skincare database is timely as research published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology revealed fewer than six percent of image-based results reflected  skin conditions specific to Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

Statement From Founder and CEO of HUED Kimberly Wilson

“It’s not uncommon for people of color to be misdiagnosed or overlooked in dermatology, which is why African Americans suffer with the highest mortality rates in skin conditions, such as melanoma,” said Founder and CEO of HUED Kimberly Wilson, according to Essence. “See My Skin is a platform created to meet the skin health needs for people of color by providing trusted resources and education to ensure patients get the incredible care that they need and deserve.”

See My Skin Invited Users To Submit Images Of Skin Condition

Coupled with access to quality care and information directly relating to their skin conditions, See My Skin will also provide educational resources with advice from experts on how to properly care for their skin and monitor their skin from home. In addition, the database will teach users when to reach out to a dermatologist for further care and what questions to keep in mind for their next appointment. Users will be encouraged to submit images of themselves in order to increase representation for skin of color.

“People of color are negatively impacted by healthcare inequities that can lead to worse health outcomes, including caring for their skin. Whether it’s looking for answers in search, on social media, or even in textbooks – the results that resemble their skin are scarce, which can leave us feeling unseen and underrepresented,” said Kevin Tolson, Brand Director of US Skincare at Unilever, according to a press release. “We created See My Skin so that people with melanin-rich skin could finally see skin conditions on themselves. Our goal is to provide solutions that ensure communities are equipped to get the care that everyone deserves. This is a step in that direction.”

The content featured on the platform has been accessed by Vaseline’s Dermatology Review Board including Dr. Mona Gohara, MD, FAAD, Dr. Uchenna Okereke, MD, FAAD and Dr. Caroline Robinson, MD, FAAD.