The saddest part about riding with a great Uber driver is knowing you’re unlikely to be paired with them again. It seems that Uber may be exploring a solution for that problem.

On Wednesday, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared the potential new feature. In a tweet, Wong uploaded a screenshot of an Uber screen. Beneath the usual option to give drivers a compliment, there’s now an “Add as favorite” button.

The potential feature seems to have received mixed reactions on Twitter. Some users expressed concerns about the privacy issues the feature could raise for riders and drivers alike.

It’s unclear if Uber actually plans to roll out this feature. Sometimes, things get tested in apps and don’t move beyond that. However, Uber has been making a lot of changes lately.

Earlier this month, Uber introduced a “Quiet Mode” for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV users who prefer to ride in silence. On Wednesday they announced that riders with below average ratings would start to be deactivated.

If the feature does come out, it will be interesting to see how both riders and drivers react to it.