Cass Technical High School and Michigan State University graduate Tyrell Slappey turned his love for gaming into a business that is benefitting the youth.

Slappey founded Round 1 Gaming Lab, a venture created in 2021 alongside business partners Markita Richardson and Terrance Crowell, described as a “mobile gaming arcade on wheels.”


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“It’s all ages, family fun, everybody can have a piece of it,” said Slappey, according to Fox 2 Detroit. “We can have 16 to 20 people play at one time and there’s two outside. So in the summertime we have two more TVs outside that have the Wii video games and the Xbox Connect video games to get you moving.”

The idea was spawned after Slappey rented a gaming trailer for his stepson, per Michigan Chronicle. He did not fully grasp the concept until he stepped foot in the trailer.

“When I stepped foot in there it just made sense,” he said, according to Michigan Chronicle.

Today, local youth can access a trailer, which features five plasma screens and various games for PlayStation and Xbox. The company is now a go-to spot for birthday parties and events in Detroit, MI.

“We don’t just want this thing at barbecues, backyard parties and birthdays. We want to be at events that are also the heartbeat of Detroit. The auto show, and the Thanksgiving parade. We want to be down at LCA (Little Caesars Arena), we want to be at the Lions’ tailgates, and we’ve been getting a lot of business at some of those things that we name,” Slappey explained, based on a report from CBS News.

To book the company, check out their website.