Twitter released it’s most recent diversity report today and announced a major hire that the company hopes will help it accomplish it’s broader D&I efforts.

The new data shows that while Twitter’s diversity numbers are still low, the company is headed in the right direction. In 2017, Twitter’s workforce was 3.4 percent black. In 2018, that number bumped up to 4.5 percent. The company’s goal for this year is to have Black workers make up 5 percent of it’s workforce.

For it’s Latinx workforce, the company saw smaller gains but has the same goal of 5 percent for 2019.

Diversity in leadership at the company also saw an increase. Black employees currently make up 4.7 percent of leadership positions, an increase from 3.5 percent in 2017. The makeup of leadership positions held by Latinx employees only saw an increase of .1 percent.

Source: Twitter

In 2018, women made up just over 45 percent of new hires at the company. A little over 7 percent of new Twitter employees were black, and just under 5 percent were Latinx.

In terms of attrition — the number of employees Twitter lost and did not replace — women accounted for 39.6 percent, while Black and Latinx employees made up 3.9 percent and 4.3 percent.

This is the complete breakdown of Twitter’s workforce as of 2018:

Source: Twitter

Twitter has some big goals for the coming year and has brought on Dalana Brand to help lead them. CMO Leslie Berland announced today that Brand, who joined the company last year as Head of Total Rewards, will be coming on as the VP of People Experience and Head of Diversity and Inclusion. Brand will oversee all diversity efforts and will also manage standards, and compensation and benefits. 

In a Twitter thread Berland announced the new hire and also gave a little bit of insight into the company’s diversity efforts over the past year and what it plans to do in 2019.

Twitter also announced that for the foreseeable future, it will be releasing new diversity data on a quarterly basis. Berland says Twitter  is also analyzing pay equity and promotions throughout the company and will release the results of their findings at a later date.