Twitter is currently set up so clicking someone’s handle brings you directly to their profile. This can be frustrating if you’re deep in a thread because it pulls you out of what you’re reading.  In an effort to make conversations easier to follow, Twitter is testing new pop up profiles to improve threads.

Anyone involved on Black Twitter knows threads are important. Twitter threads are what allows people to tell iconic stories, share resources, or just form a single cohesive thought.

On Tuesday, Twitter announced a new feature that can improve threads, stating, “We’re testing an easier way to check out profiles on iOS without leaving your timeline! Simply tap any @ handle in a Tweet, take a peek, follow, and get right back to it.”

The new feature creates mini “pop up” profiles that you can click on to see, instead of being taken to a user’s entire page. With the new feature, you’ll be able to see someone’s full bio, follower counts, and even when they joined Twitter. There will also be an option of following someone from their mini-profile or using a button that will take you to their full profile.

According to Vox, Twitter said the feature will be available on Android soon. Since Twitter just started testing the new feature, it’s unclear when it’ll be available to everyone.

The feature will work in the main Twitter timeline, too. It may not be a fancy change, but it’s definitely one that users need.