Tulsa, OK native Darnell Washington — who has over 30 years of experience in television broadcasting sales, management, and ownership — has launched a new streaming service called the Black Wall Street TV Network inspired by his hometown’s historical breeding ground for successful Black entrepreneurs, Black Business reports.

“We are a special TV viewing experience growing into the future,” according to the network’s website. “Rising from the ashes of the 1921 Black Wall Street Massacre, this TV Network thrives on the success that Tulsa’s Black Wall Street of 2021 now encompasses.”

Black Wall Street is known to be one of the most prosperous Black communities in the early 1900s and is famously associated with flourishing Black-owned businesses.

Since the Tulsa Race Massacre, the town has since rebuilt itself to once again be a vibrant and economically-stable area that’s moving toward a brighter future.

Washington’s BWS-TV Network — free to anyone with an internet connection — now aims to further enhance the Tulsa area by bringing in more promotional entertainment and positioning itself as a go-to network within this new era.

“The network plans to honor and celebrate the anniversary by embodying the entrepreneurial spirit of the original Black Wall Street Ancestors while providing a variety of programming to its viewers,” Washington told Black Business.

Furthermore, Black Wall Street TV Network plans to utilize the publicity from the town’s renowned name along with their own media promotion to attract viewers of all kind.

According to Black Business, this new venture will give the network a chance to boost one of the hottest technologies in television viewing today.

“This network is now part of the success of the Black Wall Street environment,” BWS-TV Network proclaims. “And just like the Black Wall Street on Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you will find programs that embody success of every kind of variety.”

For more information about Black Wall Street TV Network, visit its website.