Legal battles over late rappers’ estates have been heating up headlines as of late. 

Earlier this month, AfroTech previously reported that Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s children claim they have yet to receive money from their father’s estate.

Now, the lawsuit between Sekyiwa Shakur, Tupac’s sister, and Tom Whalley continues to unravel. 

Background On The Ongoing Legal Battle

According to Billboard, Afeni Shakur was initially named as the beneficiary of her son’s estate.

After her passing in 2016, Whalley was named as the trustee of the Afeni Shakur-Davis Separate Property Trust. The music executive’s connection to the family is through him being the one to sign Tupac to Interscope Records in August 1991. He’s also known as a close friend to the late legend.

In January, Sekyiwa and The Tupac Shakur Foundation filed a lawsuit against Whalley. Among her multiple allegations, she claims he has been “embezzling millions of dollars for his own benefit,” wrongfully managing Amaru Entertainment, and withholding Tupac’s personal items that carry “tremendous sentimental value.”

Trust attorney Howard King made a statement to the outlet claiming that the allegations were false as Whalley was a longtime “friend and confidant” and has “always acted in the best interests of Amaru, the trust, and all beneficiaries.”

Sekyiwa Shakur's Allegations Against Tom Whalley

Following the initial lawsuit, on Monday, Sekyiwa told a judge that Whalley is allegedly refusing to provide financial documents such as key tax papers filed with the Internal Revenue Service, the outlet reports. According to her filed claim, he has a “disregard for transparency.”

“Instead of remedying these issues, as it was intended to do, respondent’s accounting only further demonstrates respondent’s false sense of entitlement, disregard for transparency and unwillingness to properly comply with his obligation to account to the petitioners and act as a fiduciary,” Sekyiwa’s lawyers wrote, per the outlet.

They added: “Respondent could very easily have provided these documents in support of his accounting, but has refused to produce any. Respondent has chosen to keep his actions and the status of the assets in the Trust and Amaru in the dark, rather than allow reasonable review and comment.”

Next Proposed Course Of Action

In order to take proper action in putting out the fire, the outlet details that Sekyiwa’s attorneys are requesting for the judge “to appoint an independent CPA with fiduciary accounting expertise to oversee the review of the trust and ‘ensure that it is completed timely and in compliance with all applicable requirements.'”

It’s reported that a hearing in the case is currently set for early next month.