Transparency in salary is key to understanding your potential compensation and knowing when to advocate for yourself.

 A survey conducted in 2022 found that 46% of employees do not feel their pay is fair compared to employees in similar roles at other companies. Furthermore, 37% of employees believe they are not paid fairly compared with their co-workers.

Tech employee Adrianna Shantel revealed she had quit her job position for this very reason. On TikTok, she broke down what led to her decision. 

Shantel said she expected bonuses to be given in 2021, as her company had not given raises the year prior due to uncertainty during the pandemic. While at the firm, she said she did additional work outside of her role, and even started a Black women in tech group. Shantel was shocked when she learned that she would only receive a $5,000 bonus and an $11,000 raise.

“I just felt like it was unfair,” Shantel said on TikTok.

Her next step was to inquire about the salaries of her colleagues so she could have a benchmark for her own expectations. Then Shantel discovered her salary was the lowest of all her colleagues, despite her doing more work, she claimed.

“I called my partner to discuss my compensation, and he basically told me that I was in the lowest tier,” Shantel explained. “They go by cost of living by your city, that I was in the lowest tier for the cost of living of my city. I was like, okay, but I did X, Y, Z for the firm. I’ve been on this project for like two years. I’ve had no complaints. I’ve always had stellar reviews. So what I did is I put in my two weeks notice.”

When Shantel announced her departure, the firm allegedly nominated her as a high performer for the role she played in establishing the Black tech group. However, it appears getting accolades without the dollars to match was not a celebration to her.

“The same day I put in my two weeks notice, I got an email saying that I had been nominated as a high performer to help create a Black and tech group at the firm,” Shantel said. “And I straight up told him that it was a slap in the face based on my salary increase and expectations, to get that email that I’m a high performer, but it doesn’t reflect in my salary. I say all this to say that salary transparency is so important and don’t be afraid to have those conversations to ensure that you’re being paid fairly.”