Two weeks ago on Instagram, Dana Chanel shared an image of belittling signs that often fill the windows of local beauty supply shops where many women of color have to go — despite the disrespect — because of the limited availability of products for them elsewhere. The post announced the launch of her online shop that gives women of color a space to purchase the products they want while supporting black business.

Chanel founded Curl Bible, a black and Hispanic-owned online beauty supply shop that brings both well-known and smaller indie brands to consumers looking for a safe space to purchase their products. The site got up and running in just six months. The store houses popular brands such as Shea Moisture and As I Am, but provides opportunities for smaller brands as well.

On Curl Bible’s home page, the phrase “We don’t just empower women, we provide them with opportunity!” is scrawled along the top of the page, and through the positive shopping experience, ease of use and its influencer program, it’s clear that this mission is true.

Chanel told Yahoo Lifestyle that after watching an Instagram Live with beauty influencers discussing being paid little to nothing by brands for promoting their products she decided to create the Curly Queen Influencer program that lets influencers earn a 25 percent commission off of everything they sell.

Curl Bible interacts with users through tutorials, notifications and more, making the virtual beauty supply store experience authentic and welcoming for consumers who aren’t getting that experience or access at their local beauty supplies.

Check out all that Curl Bible has to offer online here or in the app store.

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple