Black businesses are receiving a lot of support these days and this new campaign is aiming to keep them a top priority for consumers.

My Black Receipt — a movement that quantifies how Black consumers and allies buy from Black businesses as a collective — is a new initiative gaining momentum as recent calls for social justice have encouraged the public to support Black businesses and entrepreneurs, according to the campaign’s website.

CNN reports the initiative calls for consumers to spend up to $5 million at Black-owned businesses by July 6 to create habits outside of one-time purchases.

As a part of the campaign, My Black Receipt asks consumers to upload their receipt from Black-owned businesses onto its website, reports CNN.

The campaign was initially started by Black upStart, an organization founded by Kezia Williams that trains aspiring Black entrepreneurs on how to be successful, according to CNN.

She was inspired to launch this campaign alongside other groups such as HBCU Wall Street, Broccoli City, and Knox St. Studios as a means to build up wealth in the Black community, BET reports.

The new initiative makes a powerful statement for the entire nation that puts a spotlight on Black businesses.

During this time especially, the world is watching to see how America responds to the recent tragic events and what they’re doing to correct their wrongdoings.

Williams told CNN her goal for the campaign is to have Americans  “put their receipts where their protest is.”

“When you invest and purchase from a Black-owned business, what you’re really doing is strengthening the Black community,” Williams said.

“Black business owners are more likely to hire black, supply Black service and products for Black people, give back to Black causes and pass assets to Black families and communities,” the campaign’s website states.

My Black Receipt is paving an innovative path for Black business owners and entrepreneurs who are working to enact change in the American economy and Black communities.

In simpler terms, My Black Receipt describes itself as “Black Wall Street reborn using technology.”

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