Amidst the chaotic times brought on by COVID-19, racism in America, and the fight against racial injustice, Black Americans have been dealing with many mental stresses this year alone.

Thanks to this Brooklyn tech startup, it’s found a way to help the Black community find a sense of peace during this time.

Digital Park — a startup launching new technology companies and enhancing the human experience — announced the launch of their new mobile app called Drift – wellness + sleep, “a growing collection of Ultra HD videos and sounds to support mindfulness, focus, or sleep anytime and anywhere you are,” according to a press release.

The app works by creating a relaxed viewing and listening experience for users playing videos and sounds from nature, including water against rocks, birds, rain, trees, and a crackling fire.

According to a press release, each video is an immersive Ultra HD experience
combined that transports viewers and listeners to a tranquil state for sleep or a calming state to support focus and a positive mood.

The app also comes with an optional voice command that guides the listener to take deep breaths throughout.

The app is designed for users to have a no-fuss experience with a minimal user interface, tying in with Digital Park’s design philosophy of catering to its audiences.

The app is available to download here for a one-time fee of $4.99. For each download, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Black mental health organization of choice.

For more information on Digital Park, visit their website.