This past weekend, Netflix held a gaming tournament to celebrate the launch of and promote the newly premiered film, “The Old Guard,” directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.

The winner of the “The Old Guard Invitational” of course won bragging rights in addition to a lifetime “immortal” subscription to the streaming service, according to The Gamer.

Gamers Jayla, Blisskai, and Mulvana — better known as Team Bliss — came out victorious as the winners of the tournament with Jayla helping to lead her team all the way.

Jayla — who’s both a Twitch partner and content creator — got a chance to recap what this win means to her and her team in a video highlight of the tournament.

“It makes us feel like we’re kind of like capable of anything,” Jayla shared in the video. “To be in a tournament that has all females where we all get to be highlighted and have our strengths be highlighted is really important to me because that’s something that we don’t see a lot of in the gaming community.”

Sexism in the gaming world has long since been a recognized issue, but Jayla and her team are proof that our skills know no boundaries, regardless of gender or race.

In a message to other girls in the gaming community, Jayla said:

“I would say not to listen to anything that people tell you and to grind as hard as you can. You can be just as good as the guys because I know some guys will try to make you feel like you can’t do what they can do, but I say we can do what they can do and more. Don’t stop trying because someone has something negative to say to you.”

To check out more of Jayla’s gaming videos, visit her YouTube channel.