The next generation of inventors, scholars, and leaders are proving to be viable strengths in our communities, and it’s our job to uplift them so they can continue to do great things.

Keashon Harris — an honor student from Erie, PA — is now being called a kid genius for inventing a technological device that helps people practice proper social distancing measures amidst COVID-19, TMZ reports.

Thanks to a viral video posted by his dad over the weekend, the world knows all about the 12-year-old’s invention.

The device, called S.A.M. (Social Awareness Machine) built from scratch, is fairly simple in how it functions. According to Harris, his gadget simply beeps when people are too close to each other to let them know they need to create a safe distance of at least six feet apart.

Not only does Harris’ invention prove his technological prowess, but it also has the potential to save lives during this health crisis. His creative idea just goes to show kids are the future of tech innovation.

As a recent graduate of Montessori Charter School, the rising seventh-grader is now gearing up to attend private school, Luther Memorial Academy next month. His father started a GoFundMe page to ensure Harris receives the best education possible.

The page has since surpassed its goal of raising $10,000, which means Harris is all set to attend private school and continue to sharpen his expertise as he goes on to shock the world.