As COVID-19 continues to demand organizations and businesses to restructure their models for virtual access, many programs are not only following suit but are expanding their accessibility to all people. One such program is Stanford’s Science In The City STEM Summer Camp for students of color.

According to Black Enterprise (BE), Kevin L. Nichols of The Social Engineering Project (TSEP), Dr. Bryan Brown of Stanford’s Graduate School of Education (SGSE), and Margaux Lopez of SLAC Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) have teamed up to provide an affordable virtual summer experience for students of color at a rate of $350 until June 1.

The program is designed for African American/Black, LatinX, Indigenous/Native American, and Pacific Islander fifth and sixth-grade students.

This year’s curriculum will focus on interviewing knowledgeable scientists on the fascinating projects that they are working on, investigating real-life problems in our community, such as lead contamination (Flint & Oakland), and how it impacts our bodies, weather and the environment, and the importance of personal branding, working in groups, networking, and how they can leverage their networks in the future.

“I am most excited about the culturally relevant curriculum that my team has developed this year due to our partnership with Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and SLAC Accelerator Laboratory. Our students will learn how scientists and physicists are currently studying the COVID-19 virus, what it looks like under a laser, and they will conduct a similar experiment at home to study the virus themselves,” Nichols told BE.

The virtual STEM summer camp will take place between July 13 -17 via Zoom.

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