Imagine a life free from the hassle of dealing with a flat tire. Well, this is now closer to possible thanks to Earl Patrick Cole and Brian Yennie.

In 2020, Cole and Yennie were among those who participated in the FedTech NASA Startup Program. There they were exposed to airless tires that NASA engineers had created for the agency’s moon and Mars rover missions using Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology, or SMART. The tires, which are made with nitinol — a combination of nickel and titanium — cannot be punctured and will not require air to operate, Fast Company reports.

Spurred by this technology, The SMART Tire Co. hit the ground running that same year, with the aim to revolutionize the transportation industry “from the ground up,” as stated on the company website. Its current benchmark is focused on bicycles, which was intentional as there are less regulations in comparison to the automotive industry, the outlet notes.

The SMART Tire Co.’s first product is the airless bicycle wheel, METL, which can “last the life of your vehicle,” Cole told Time.

Photo Credit: The Smart Tire Company

The product is set to launch to market in 2024 and was listed on Time’s Best Inventions of 2023.

Looking ahead, the company will extend its reach to scooter tires and the trucking and automative sectors. What’s more, it also plans to disrupt the aerospace industry.

“Us as black people tend to invest in things we may be more familiar with like clothing, restaurants, alcohol, or makeup and hair products. All can be great investments, but I’m glad we’re also starting to look more into technology, sports, and media companies (that our base helps build), and have more ownership in these spaces, as well,” Cole told AFROTECH. “What we’re building at The SMART Tire Company is a diverse opportunity to invest in aerospace, automotive, cycling, and mobility, in general. A $300B market opportunity. There’s even a chance our tire products will be roving around on the Moon! Imagine how inspiring that would be to our community and the next generation!”

Currently, the company is seeking investment participation from notable names, investors, and influencers.

“We are always seeking investors, but decided to use crowdfunding in order to give everyday people the opportunity to invest,” Cole told AFROTECH. “When you democratize the investing system, you open up the opportunities for people of all financial backgrounds to get involved. Tires are on everything, and we use them every day, so the everyday people that buy them should be able to invest on a comfort level that works for them. A wealth opportunity that’s available to all.”