Over a decade after creating the first plant-derived vaginal care system, Beatrice Dixon has embarked on a new chapter for her company.

According to information provided to AFROTECH, Compass Diversified and The Honey Pot Company have formed a new partnership.

“We made this decision with the full intention to accelerate many of our visions for growth, including incredible innovation, providing even more education on personal wellness, and more distribution points in the U.S. and building globally. The resources that a partnership of this nature provides are totally endless and we’re excited to provide our small yet mighty team a support infrastructure that empowers us to realize the mission we set out on,” Dixon told AFROTECH in a statement via email.

She added, “I still serve as co-founder, CEO, chief Innovation officer, and I still own a significant minority stake in The Honey Pot Co.”

As previously reported by AFROTECH, based on Dixon’s own personal experience, she founded The Honey Pot Company to tackle chronic vaginal issues and started off with a vulva-safe wash she formulated herself. The brand went on to produce pads, tampons, sexual wellness, and more feminine washes — going on to hitting retail shelves at such major stores as Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Now, The Honey Pot Company aims to expand internationally, starting with Canada. In addition, in 2024, it will expand its product categories to include body care.

“Beatrice and her team have done an amazing job building The Honey Pot Co. into a leading feminine care brand,” said Compass Diversified CEO Elias Sabo in a statement. “We believe they have tremendous growth opportunities on the horizon. We are so excited to provide The Honey Pot Co. with the resources necessary to bring it closer to its goal of serving more people by being the number one ‘better-for-you’ personal care brand in the world.”

Editorial Note: This piece was updated to reflect a statement from The Honey Pot Company and for clarity.