Naomi Osaka continues to step into the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) space — from first auctioning original artwork for mental health initiatives to now selling digital images of herself as a way for fans to further connect with her and learn more about her groundbreaking career moments.

Yahoo Sports reports the tennis player’s latest NFTs are a part of Autograph’s Pre-Season Access collection. Autograph is a NFT platform launched and co-founded by fellow pro-athlete Tom Brady to intertwine renowned brands and popular figures across sports, entertainment and culture for a special digital experience.

“With NFTs, I’m able to choose special moments of my life to share directly with fans, which I find really empowering,” Osaka shared with Yahoo Sports. “Plus it’s an awesome way to be creative and tap into my passion for art.”

Osaka’s NFTs will join the likes of legendary athletes like Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Tony Hawk, Wayne Gretzky and more. Before Osaka’s NFTs release announcement, the 23-year-old hopped on Autograph’s advisory board.

According to People, Osaka has a growing interest in NFTs as she is a believer that “NFTs and sports can go hand-in-hand.”

“​​NFTs and sports are a natural fit — it’s the new wave of collecting digitally on your phone and devices,” Osaka told People. “Autograph is also making NFTs much more accessible with various price ranges, so I think mostly anyone that wants to be a part of this ultimately can, which I find really appealing.”

Osaka’s NFTs in Autograph’s Pre-Season Access collection range from $12-$100.

Its first release was on Aug.25 and the second release will follow on Aug.27. Each of the graphics for Friday’s launch are personally signed by Osaka herself and are available on Autograph’s website and the DraftKings Marketplace.

The purchase of an NFT from the Pre-Season Access collection will give buyers access to future Autograph NFTs.