Team Epiphany is beginning the celebration of its 20th anniversary with a new partnership.

The BIPOC-founded marketing agency has been acquired by Stagwell, according to a press release. The acquisition marks the marketing and communications group’s first for 2024.

“We’re excited to become a part of Stagwell and its Constellation network, a company that shares our values and looks to further Team Epiphany’s longstanding commitment to aspirational marketing, embracing culture and impacting communities of influence through our work,” Coltrane Curtis, Team Epiphany’s founder and managing partner, shared in a statement.

He continued, “As the agency celebrates its 20th anniversary, it was important to partner with an industry-leading company that believes in the growth and evolution of what Team Epiphany will become in the future while embracing our award-winning capabilities of today.”

As previously reported by AFROTECH, Curtis runs the business alongside his wife and fellow managing partner, Lisa Chu. The team works to not only put culture at the forefront of the agency but also create community impact through its efforts.

Team Epiphany’s clients include American Express, HBO (MAX), Heineken, and more. 

For American Express, the agency worked on the company’s campaigns for its AMEX “100 for 100” Program, which invested $2.5 million in Black female entrepreneurs, per the press release.

What’s more, after creating launch campaigns for #InsecureFest for Issa Rae’s show, “Insecure,” Team Epiphany went on to obtain a strategic partnership with Rae’s HOORAE Media in 2023.

“People tend to see Team Epiphany and want to compartmentalize its offerings into ‘multi-cultural’ or ‘experiential,’ but when I met the team, it became clear to me that their deep appreciation and mastery of culture is an essential ingredient for contemporary brands focused on forward-looking growth,” Justin Lewis, chair of Constellation, said. “I’m excited to welcome Coltrane, Lisa, and the entire team to the network.”