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How DDG Turned A YouTube Channel Into An $8 Million Net Worth

Darryle Dwayne Granberry Jr, best known by his rap pseudonym DDG, first appeared on the YouTube platform in 2014, while he was still in high school. In the decade since he first pressed upload on the video-sharing site , the 26-year-old performer has managed to amass a fortune of over $8 million, through his various YouTube, music, and extracurricular ventures. While $8 million may not seem like much compared to other YouTubers who have been on the platform since its inception, DDG managed to create generational wealth from the ground up, without major backing by the entertainment industry machine. Here’s a look into DDG’s many creative ventures which contribute to his growing net worth, and a history of how he came to be the artist we all know and love. DDG Got His Start On YouTube (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Gunna) Before DDG was a double platinum selling rapper, he was a class valedictorian growing up in Pontiac, Michigan. After graduating from high school with...

TeeJay Small

Mar 22, 2024

Marques Brownlee's New Sneaker Collaboration Could Lead To More Content Creators Breaking Into Pro Athletes' Territory

What was once an unlikely connection has transformed into a first-of-its-kind creative collaboration in the fashion industry.

Ngozi Nwanji

Apr 28, 2023

How Erin Winters Teaches An Audience Of Nearly 300K Subscribers To Boss Up Their Business

Financial literacy is a skill that most adults learn — or teach themselves — over time. Balancing a budget, building credit, and growing a savings is no easy task. That’s why Erin Winters — a visual storyteller and creative content strategist from Detroit, MI — uses her platform to share her experience on how she monetized her business and teaches her audience of nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers and eBrand Club members how to do the same. The Howard University graduate started her YouTube channel full-time in 2018 after an epiphany led her to stop working temporary one-year contracts and pursue a more sustainable career as an entrepreneur. “I was very torn. I felt helpless because I didn’t know what direction to go in, if I should take the risk on myself and do what I believe,” said Winters. “Or if I should kind of keep following this path that I had already kind of mapped out for myself.” Winter says while she knew entering broadcasting would have been the safer path, she decided...

Abriana Walton

Apr 30, 2021