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NBA Foundation Distributes $6M In Grants To Create Future Opportunities For Black Youth

The NBA Foundation is working to make impactful strides in the social justice sector for its inaugural year. Just one year after the Milwaukee Bucks held a strike following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the NBA has demonstrated a better understanding of what it means to invest in social-justice-driven philanthropy. In doing so, it’s putting its money where it’s needed most to uplift the next generation of Black leaders. According to an announcement from the NBA, the league’s newly-created foundation celebrated its one-year anniversary last week by distributing $6 million to 22 different organizations who aim to “create employment opportunities, further career advancement and drive economic empowerment for Black youth.” These grant recipients — including Black Girl Ventures — were a part of the foundation’s third round of grant funding to be given out in its first year. As part of its one-year anniversary, the NBA Foundation announced 22 new grants totaling $6 million today to...

Aug 9, 2021