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A Group of Working Moms Are Pressuring Amazon to Offer Daycare Benefits

A group of mothers at Amazon, who’ve called themselves the Momazonians, are pressuring the company to offer backup daycare as a part of their employee packages, according to Bloomber g. The group is comprised of 1,800 women working at different levels across the company. Amazon has not yet built out a backup daycare benefit for the working mothers, but women within the company have elevated the issue. Amazon’s argument is that it already offers a robust benefits package for its employees. “When creating benefits, we focus on efforts that can scale to help the largest number of individuals, and work in partnership with our employees to ensure that what we build provides meaningful support,” the company said an emailed statement to Bloomberg. Amazon has a list of policies and benefits aimed at helping parents within the company, backup daycare  just isn’t among them.  Employee benefits do include shared paid parental leave with a spouse, the option of spreading out the timing of the...

Arriana McLymore

Mar 8, 2019