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Airbnb Bans White Supremacist Users Linked to Iron March From its Site

In response to a data leak that revealed the identities and messaging history of white supremacists, Airbnb has decided to ban such users from its site. Airbnb’s security systems recently identified 60-plus account holders from Iron March , a far-right, white supremacist site. Their accounts were deleted in accordance with Airbnb’s zero-tolerance policy. A spokesperson for the short-term rental giant labeled the step a “no-brainer,” reiterating Airbnb’s commitment to “ continuously seeking to proactively identify those who could put our hosts and guests at risk .” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has previously stood in staunch opposition to white supremacy. “The violence, racism and hatred demonstrated by neo-Nazis, the alt-right, and white supremacists should have no place in this world,” Chesky said in a statement according to The Verge in 2017. Airbnb’s Community Commitment — a nondiscrimination policy that promotes for inclusiveness — was updated in 2016 to ensure fairness to all users.

Emily Adeyanju

Dec 16, 2019

Twitter Has Started Researching Whether It Should Finally Ban White Supremacists

On Twitter, “Jack, ban the Nazis” has become an increasingly common refrain. Although members of vulnerable communities have spoken out about white supremacists on Twitter for years, nothing has been done about it. Now, Twitter has finally decided to research whether white supremacists belong on the platform, a Motherboard report revealed . However, it may be too little too late. Twitter’s head of trust and safety, legal and public policy, Vijaya Gadde, told Motherboard that Twitter believes “counter-speech and conversation are a force for good, and they can act as a basis for de-radicalization, and we’ve seen that happen on other platforms, anecdotally.” That belief seems to be the leading cause of Twitter’s new research. Gadde went on to say: “We’re working with them specifically on white nationalism and white supremacy and radicalization online and understanding the drivers of those things; what role can a platform like Twitter play in either making that worse or making that...

Vanessa Taylor

May 30, 2019