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How Village, A Cannabis Brand Backed By Al Harrington & Other Black Investors, Plans To Diversify The Industry

NBA star Al Harrington’s Village company is looking to diversify the cannabis industry. The cannabis world has seen tremendous growth, despite the alarming consequences the pandemic has infiltrated into the economy. According to a recent study, the cannabis industry has witnessed a growth of 50.92 percent in 2020 alone and the numbers are projected to increase to 32.04 percent within the decade. While this may be a celebration for some as marijuana continues to become steadily legalized in more states, the reality is minorities are not reaping the benefits. Village — founded by Al Harrington and Dan Pettigrew — is looking to change that by ensuring women and minorities will be at the forefront of the industry. MarketWatch reports, the company plans to become a multi-state operator distinct from its competitors and promote social equity in the cannabis industry. “The concept for Village is to work through the application process as well as through mergers and partnership, to develop...

Dec 22, 2021