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Careers In Tech: UnitedHealth Group’s Kimberly Jackson Breaks Down The Company’s Innovative Approach To DEI

Since joining UnitedHealth Group about eight years ago, Kimberly Jackson has discovered new ways to center diversity, equity and inclusion not only in her role as a leader, but in her own personal and professional growth. That renewed perspective was inspired by the company’s approach to DEI, which includes initiatives that foster a safe space for both inclusion and education. “In recent years, there’s been a purposeful shift in UHG’s resources to meet people of different backgrounds where they are,” she tells Afrotech. She adds that, while some are not unique to the company, UHG has reinvisioned these tools, creating employee resource groups where participation is not limited. As the Senior Director of OptumRX IT Client Services, Jackson has incorporated the company’s overall approach into her own department’s initiatives. “My leadership team has taken on the task of delivering DEI forums,” she explains. “And what I’ve learned through those forms is that the traditional topic of...

Sep 20, 2023

7 Bossed Up Lessons We Learned From Rick Ross (And How They'll Improve Your Hustle)

Being a boss is no easy task, so who better to get tips from than rapper and multi-hyphenate businessman, Rick Ross ? On September 7, Rick Ross answers all of your entrepreneurial questions in his new book, The Perfect Day To Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide To Building Your Empire . With writer and former XXL Magazine editor Neil Martinez-Belkin on the assist, Rozay discusses how he was forced to pivot his business strategies during the pandemic, the importance of having a solid team, and drops nothing but gems for those who have their own business, are thinking about starting a business, or just need a little motivation to get them going. AfroTech not only got the opportunity to preview the book early, but we also got the chance to speak to the Biggest Boss himself. Check out just a few of the many major keys we walked away with.  

Sep 1, 2021

Megan Thee Stallion Links With CashApp To Educate The Hotties On Bitcoin

Megan Thee Stallion isn’t just a savage onstage — she’s a savage in the crypto world, as well. After killing it on stage at Rolling Loud in Miami and Lollapalooza in Chicago, the incredible Tina Snow, AKA Hot Girl CEO, has just dropped her second CashApp financial education video — and this time, she’s educating the hotties about Bitcoin. “It’s the new digital currency that’s been getting a lot of hype,” she explains in the two-minute video. “Bitcoin is a new kind of money. While the cash in your wallet is issued and regulated by governments, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Like a wild stallion, it can’t be controlled by anyone.” Check out the full video below. This is the second financial education video that Megan Thee Stallion released as part of her partnership with CashApp. A month ago, Megan debuted “Investing for Hotties,” a video that teaches people the basics about investing in the stock market. Check out the video for that below. Megan and Cash App gave a million of Bitcoin...

Three Great Cameras to Take Your Vlogging to the Next Level

Vlogging can help individuals, influencers, and businesses sell products, grow brand awareness, and increase engagement on their social media channels. Given that users engage more with video content than written, audio, or static image content on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram , vlogging is an indispensable component of successful content marketing plans. However, effective vlogging requires a consistent stream of well-produced content. While many users crave authentic content and may embrace smartphone footage from some individuals and influencers, low-quality content can hurt a brand’s image. And while a talented video editor may be able to do wonders with raw footage, it takes time (and money) to polish amateur footage. It’s better to shoot great footage the first go-round rather than try to fix it on the back-end. That starts with having a great vlogging camera. Key Features Standard handheld video cameras aren’t the best tools to produce the kind of engaging...

Oct 7, 2020

Toys “R” Us Video Surveillance Sparks Controversy

The return of Toys “R” Us has been heralded by many. However, the praise falls short when it comes to the former toy giant’s new video surveillance, which some say, targets children. In its new incarnation, Toys “R” has partnered with tech startup bt8a and analytics expert Retail Next to obtain information about its customers. The system’s ability to track the movement of shoppers to better understand their interests and cater to them is considered problematic, as many Toys “R” Us customers are minors, and there are laws in place to protect their privacy. As noted in a recent WIRED article, “ Collecting information on kids is a highly sensitive issue, and US law carves out various additional protections or restrictions when it comes to minors .” In addition, informed parental consent is generally required. A spokesperson for RetailNext has indicated that personal data of children is not obtained intentionally or retained, and that height parameters help ensure that children are not...

Dec 13, 2019

Report: YouTube Execs Ignored Employee Warnings About Toxic Content

Over the past few months, YouTube has come under increased scrutiny regarding its tendency to allow toxic content to flourish on its platform. Now, a report by Bloomberg has revealed YouTube executives ignored the warnings of their own employees. More than 20 former and current YouTube staffers said that employees proposed ways to stop the spread of toxic videos — including those with extremist content and conspiracy theories — but were ignored. Privacy engineer Yonatan Zunger proposed a third tier which would allow videos that were “close to the line” of being removed to remain up. The difference is they would not be recommended. That proposal was rejected by YouTube in 2016. “I can say with a lot of confidence that they were deeply wrong,” Zunger told Bloomberg. Rather than solve content issues, employees told Bloomberg that executives were focused on engagement. The company had an internal goal of 1 billion hours of views a day. A former staffer told Bloomberg that YouTube CEO...

Apr 4, 2019

You'll Never Guess Which Silicon Valley Board Just Added Serena Williams

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May 8, 2017

Sounds of Africa

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Sep 1, 2015

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Jul 11, 2015