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Google Continues To Treat Its Temp & Contract Workers Differently Than Full-Time Employees

Google’s temps, vendors and contractors (TVCs) make up more of the workforce than most people may think. Now, a report by The New York Times has revealed just how differently Google treats its “Shadow Workforce.” For many, TVC positions are supposed to be a pathway into Google. However, The Times reported these employees are essentially barred from growth opportunities within the company. They’re not allowed to attend internal all-hands meetings nor company job fairs, and they don’t have access to internal job listings. In addition, TVCs are required to identify themselves by wearing red badges, as reported by Business Insider . The outlet previously found that “Google’s two-class employee system” means TVCs and full-time employees rarely interact. Earlier this year, Business Insider also reported that three former TVC workers said TVCs were banned from all internal chat forums running on Google Groups in 2018. The company cited “security concerns” as their reason. The stark...

Vanessa Taylor

May 29, 2019