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Thanks to the Women Behind Ski Travel Company Mount Noire, Diversity is Hitting the Slopes

For years, the historical notion around Black people and snow has been the consensus that we don’t ski. Thanks to London-based ski travel company Mount Noire, the startup is working to bring more Black representation to the slopes. Following trips with some of her close college friends and avid skiers — Tobi Adegboye, Wenona Barnieh, Blessing Ekairia, Simisola Oke, and Adeola Omotade — Oke and her group bonded over the relatable experiences of the many stares from others while on the ski slopes. After a ski trip to Chamonix, France back in 2018, Adegboye recalled being asked, “What are you girls doing here, I didn’t know Black people skied?” “It is very common while traveling as a Black person to be asked to pose in a photograph with strangers,” she explained to Condé Nast Traveler. “That happened a few times on the slopes.” Their love for travel encouraged Adegboye, Oke and their friends to create Mount Noire — a boutique winter sport travel agency — in December 2019 with a mission...

Njera Perkins

Feb 18, 2021

Singapore Airlines to Give Startups a Chance to Redefine Travel Through Tech

The future of travel has been a huge question mark for many companies in the industry for the last few months as COVID-19 has halted many travel efforts. As a means to be the driving force to redefine the way we travel, Singapore Airlines has begun its sixth edition of the SIA AppChallenge , which gives startup companies across various stages the chance to be the next big breakthrough in travel technology to “solve six key pain points,” Web in Travel reports . “Singapore Airlines prides itself on striving to be the world’s leading digital airline, and the AppChallenge is a perfect opportunity to continue to engage with startups and work towards solutions to some of the key challenges facing not just us, but the aviation industry as a whole,” Travis Lim, Assistant Manager Digital Innovation, Singapore Airlines said, according to Future Travel Experience . Travel Massive reports the mission behind the SIA AppChallenge is to have startups collaborate with Singapore Airlines business...

Njera Perkins

Jul 2, 2020

This Founder Left Corporate America to Curate Affordable Luxury Experiences for Black Travelers

Rarely do we get to see travel depicted in a way that’s racially diverse, but this travel enthusiast is looking to change that. Claire Soares, entrepreneur and founder of Up In The Air Life , created a  travel company that focuses on curating luxury experiences all around the world while making Black travelers a priority. Soares left corporate America to pursue this business venture in hopes of providing other Black travelers with the same quality experiences she was accustomed to. “I couldn’t find travel companies that were providing luxury to people who looked like me—most of the market offering that targeted people of color was predominantly budget travel—even still today. I wanted to share my love of luxury and epic experiences at an affordable price with excellent customer service,” Soares told Black Enterprise . While Soares came into the business with her own expertise and personal experience, she still found it difficult to navigate a space where her counterparts didn’t look...

Njera Perkins

Mar 6, 2020

Must-Have Items For Every Black Entrepreneurs' Travel Bag

You’re booked and busy with things to do and places to go, or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur heading to Oakland, CA for AfroTech 2019 in November. No matter where you’re heading next, being an entrepreneur can require a lot of travel regardless. While the logistics such as flight plans, hotel accommodations, and rental car purchases are all handled by your team, packing your carry-on and checked luggage is solely up to you. Instead of waiting until the last minute before your flight, make sure you have everything you need in your travel bag. Peep our list of must-haves to make sure the entrepreneurial necessities don’t get left behind for your next trip. Promotional Material Traveling can be one of the best networking tools to date. Since airports and flights are full of potential connects, you want to make sure that you have your contact info or promotional flyers on hand. Whether it’s an e-card you can AirDrop or a traditional paper card, have it packed in your carry-on. You never...

Devin Crudup

Oct 31, 2019

After a Wave of Criticism, TripAdvisor Now Has a Tool That Flags Sexual Assault Allegations In Reviews

Sorting out vacations and other travel plans can be a major pain. Online sites like TripAdvisor are meant to make the process easier, but a 2017 report revealed that the company removed reviews detailing robbery, rape, and sexual assault. The posts were either “determined inappropriate by the TripAdvisor community” or removed by staff for being “off topic” or not “family friendly.” Not too long after , the Federal Trade Commission began looking into TripAdvisor’s business practices. Now, it seems the company is trying to redeem itself. On Tuesday, TripAdvisor’s Core Experience President Lindsay Nelson announced two new safety features that will be added to the site: “The need for better access to safety information while traveling has never been greater…Often, something tragic must happen in order to engage in a dialogue about traveller safety, which by then is far too late…As part of our commitment to provide travellers with better access to critical safety information, TripAdvisor...

Vanessa Taylor

May 15, 2019