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Entrepreneur Tera Carissa Hodges Is Amplifying Women Empowerment With Black-Owned Greeting Cards

There are a plethora of ways to help empower others, and Black entrepreneur Tera Carissa Hodges has created a way that’s both sentimental and personal. The empowerment coach teamed up with Culture Greetings, a female and Black-owned greeting card brand, to empower women, according to Black News. Hodges’ collaboration is an example of how holidays and celebrations shouldn’t be the only time to show love to those around you. The 10 greeting cards within the brand’s breakthrough and empowerment line revolve around trials and tribulations such as breakups and job loss — tough times where one needs support most. “I help people heal from their past by embracing their past and pain and seeing it as purposeful. Everyone has made mistakes, been lied to, endured unfair treatment, etc. But, when you own your story, your story can never own you,” the Black entrepreneur shared. Culture Greetings’ customers can pick a card online and customize it with a personalized message. The cards will then...

Feb 7, 2022