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Report Reveals 67 Percent of BIPOC Employees in Tech Have a D&I Team, Yet Still Aren't Supported

One in three BIPOC tech employees feel discriminated against by their employers, a new report finds. While a third of minority tech workers aren’t feeling comfortable at work, 67% of them said their company has a diversity and inclusion team that’s supposed to be focused on making sure they feel welcomed and supported, according to information provided to AfroTech. These findings were published by global data and market research company Savanta. Lead researchers Sadia Corey and Daniel Garcia wanted to publish this report after the civil unrest that swept the nation last year. “We really felt like after the movement from the summer, George Floyd’s death and some of the protests that were happening, we wanted to keep the conversation going and bring some statistics to some feelings and sentiments that we already know about in the U.S. workplace,” Corey told AfroTech. As part of Savanta’s Black Lives Matter: Everywhere, Amplifying the voices of minorities in the workplace report, there...

Michelai Graham

Feb 5, 2021

IBM Partners With HBCUs As Part of $100M Initiative to Diversify Tech Workforce

The tech industry is tapping tomorrow’s future leaders for a powerful plan to innovate the space for all. Last week, Computer hardware company IBM (International Business Machines) announced a joint educational partnership with esteemed schools such as Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University for their new innovative plan of action. In an effort to develop its first Quantum education and research initiative for HBCUs, IBM has pledged a $100 million investment aimed toward driving more diversity and inclusion in the tech workforce, a press release reports. “We believe that in order to expand opportunity for diverse populations, we need a diverse talent pipeline of the next generation of tech leaders from HBCUs,” said Carla Grant Pickens, Chief Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer at IBM, in a statement . “Diversity and inclusion is what fuels innovation and students from HBCUs will be positioned to play a...

Njera Perkins

Sep 22, 2020

Study Shows Tech Workers are Still Willing to Work For Big Companies Despite Scandals

Lack of diversity, discrimination, and pay gaps have been ongoing topics in the tech industry, and major spotlights have been put on big companies like Facebook and Google. Despite data and privacy scandals, being called out for its dismal diversity by a former manager , Facebook’s time in the news has not stopped people from wanting to work with there. According to a report by Indeed, 59 percent of tech workers aren’t discouraged by the scandals in the tech industry and are still willing to work for companies embroiled in scandals, Forbes reported. In fact, 34 percent of Indeed’s 1000 respondents said that scandals make the industry more interesting. This can possibly be attributed to workers who want to solve big tech issues from the inside. It could also mean that the time, money and training it takes to enter the field are more important to some workers than staying away from a company experiencing controversy. According to the study, men don’t mind working for scandal ridden...

Arriana McLymore

Mar 7, 2019

Intel Says It's Reached An Internal Workplace Diversity Milestone

Intel recently announced a major milestone: full representation of women and underrepresented minorities in the company’s U.S. workforce two years ahead of its 2020 goal. This means Intel’s workforce now reflects the percentage of underrepresented tech workers. “We are proud of our progress but not satisfied. We prioritize this as a business imperative to drive innovation and future growth,” said Barbara Whye, Intel’s chief diversity and inclusion officer in a news release. “Diversity and inclusion cannot be treated as an add-on. It has to be integrated into everything we do and this is just the beginning.” In their diversity and inclusion report released Monday, the company reports 9.6 percent of its workforce identifies as Hispanic and 4.6 percent are Black. The report also reveals 27 percent of its staff are women. The company set out to reach this goal in 2015 after former CEO Brian Krzanich announced their $300 million commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion. Intel...

Jenna Chambers

Oct 30, 2018

Silicon Valley's  Wage Gap is Widening, But The Top 10 Percent Keep Getting Richer

Low wage workers in Silicon Valley are not reaping the benefits of the region’s economic growth. According to a report funded by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, workers’ wages are now less than they were 20 years ago although Silicon Valley has experienced steady economic growth. There has also been a disproportionate 25 percent increase in low-wage jobs, while the number of middle and upper wage jobs declined. Wages have stagnated for nearly 90 percent of the workforce with a decreasing share of total output going to tech’s employees. Amazon announced earlier this month that it is increasing hourly wages from $11 to $15 after hitting a $1 trillion market cap in September. The new wages are set to go into effect On November 1. Amazon said that it is also ending its monthly bonuses and stock rewards for warehouse workers to help fund the wage increase. Comparatively, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos makes more than $28,000, the median salary for an Amazon employee, every 10 seconds. Older tech...

Arriana McLymore

Oct 15, 2018