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Telecom Entrepreneur Joel Mafenya Launches Africa's First Fully Black-Owned Mobile Network

South Africa’s telecom sector has introduced its latest innovation with a new Black-owned mobile network operator. According to Independent Online, South African entrepreneur and investor Joel Mafenya is making waves in the telecommunications market after launching what is said to be the country’s first fully Black-owned cellular network operator — Taxicom Mobile. Taxicom Mobile officially launched in Johannesburg on Dec. 9, as reported by NOW in SA, and claims to usher in a new era for the telecom industry even as companies around the world grapple with the effects of COVID-19. As stated by founder Mafenya, his company aims to “accelerate access to inclusive mobile telecommunications services to the underserviced and excluded,” Independent Online shares. “This will be done through an introduction of a different model of meaningful ownership – with preference given to subscribers, distributors and its agents,” he said. Taxicom Mobile itself is a lifestyle virtual mobile network...

Dec 21, 2020