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Congress Is About To Stop the IRS From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Here's Why That Matters

For low-income people, getting a decent return on your taxes can make a big difference. However, filing taxes is complicated, and tax services can charge upwards of a hundred dollars to file a simple return. A simple solution would look like the Internal Revenue Service providing its own free online resources, but Congress is about to stop them from doing so, according to a ProPublica report . Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee — led by Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass. — passed the Taxpayer First Act . This bill makes a lot of changes to the IRS, including making it illegal for it to create an online tax filing system. This bill is a bipartisan effort with sponsorship from Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga. and Mike Kelly, R-PA. It highlights just about everything wrong with politics right now because this isn’t going to serve taxpayers. “This could be a disaster,” Mandi Matlock, a tax attorney who does work for the National Consumer Law Center, told ProPublica. “It could be the final...

Vanessa Taylor

Apr 10, 2019