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Black Women Say Their Homes Were Sold For Owing Property Taxes, But The Government Took The Profits

These women are fighting for justice after their homes were seized. After Geraldine Tyler and Tawanda Hall fell behind on their property taxes, the government sold their homes and allegedly kept the profits, Reason reports.

Jan 20, 2023

Fabiana Pierre-Louis Appointed as New Jersey Supreme Court's Youngest & First Black Woman Justice

In 2020, Black women continue to break through barriers to success and lead the charge to enact change. New Jersey attorney Fabiana Pierre-Louis is one of the latest women to do just that. Pierre-Louis has been appointed as the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice in New Jersey. New Supreme Court Justice Fabiana Pierre-Louis was sworn in this afternoon by Justice Jaynee LaVecchia in a private ceremony. — New Jersey Courts (@njcourts) September 1, 2020 The state’s Governor, Phil Murphy, nominated Pierre-Louis for the role in June and the Senate confirmed the decision last week, reports Black Enterprise. “I’m incredibly proud that the Senate has unanimously confirmed Fabiana Pierre-Louis as the next Associate Justice to serve on New Jersey‘s Supreme Court,” Murphy said in a statement, according to ABC7 News . As a Haitian American and daughter of immigrants, Pierre-Louis says she hopes to inspire others with similar backgrounds. “The thought of actually...

Sep 4, 2020

Fabiana Pierre-Louis to Make History as the First Black Woman on NJ Supreme Court

Black women have been making headlines lately for their historical achievements, and Fabiana Pierre-Louis is no exception. Haitian-American lawyer Pierre-Louis is set to become the first Black woman to sit on New Jersey’s Supreme Court. Pierre-Louis — a partner at Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads — will become associate justice of the state’s highest court if her nomination is confirmed by the Senate, ESSENCE reports . According to Face 2 Face Africa , Pierre-Louis previously served in the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey for nine years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and the Attorney-in-Charge of the Camden Branch Office, where she was the first Black woman to hold such a position in the District’s entire history, her page on Montgomery McCraken’s website states. NJ Gov. Phil Murphy nominated Pierre-Louis as his first pick for the state’s Supreme Court as he strongly believes she will sustain the legacy of John Wallace, the last Black justice on the...

Jun 8, 2020

Civil Rights Battle Brewing in Allen-Comcast Case

The heat has been turned up on a lawsuit involving telecommunications giant Comcast and media mogul Byron Allen.  This week, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer contacted the telecom company — one of the largest cable and broadcast companies in the world — encouraging it to settle the suit with Allen. Black Enterprise reported that “ 9 million Comcast shares worth an estimated $423 million ” are part of New York City pension fund investments . Stringer has a vested interest in ensuring that the financial magnitude of the case does not weigh heavily on long-term investors. The comptroller has another interest as well. He believes that the racial discrimination lawsuit could leave a bitter taste in the hearts and minds of many, adding to an ever-divisive national climate. Allen sued Comcast for $20 billion in 2015, citing racial discrimination when Comcast failed to include several of his networks in its programming. Allen affirmed that other white-owned networks appeared in...

Dec 19, 2019