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Instacart Workers Lobby for Better Wages

Next week, Instacart workers are participating in a scheduled set of activities to protest company policies. The food tech giant’s practices related to wages and tips have created angst for many of its contractors. As TechCrunch reports, dissatisfied Instacart workers who were unable to secure a raise in base pay looked to the company to increase their tips. Hopes that the suggested default 5 percent tip could be doubled were also dashed. In response, last month, workers went on a national, three-day strike . They now plan to engage in a nearly weeklong protest to address practices they deem unfair, including compensation and safety issues, with federal and state regulatory bodies. While Instacart declares that it supports its customers , a Washington Post article notes, “ The uprising from Instacart workers demanding fair pay is just one facet of a wider reckoning by regulators, labor activists and workers themselves over the responsibilities of companies to independent contractors .

Dec 12, 2019