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Florida Teen Admitted To All 27 Schools Including Harvard, Receiving $4M In Scholarships

This Florida teen is already off to a great start! ABC News reports Florida high school student Jonathan Walker applied to 27 schools including Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. The decision to submit various application was to increase his likelihood of attending a top school. Little did he know he would not only receive a stamp of approval from each university but he would also receive up to $4 million in scholarships! “I’m thankful to God for him putting me in such an amazing position, but also just realizing that like, all these results, it’s not just because of me,” Walker told the Panama City News Herald. “I feel like I’m a product of the community that has been put around me and who’s fostered my growth.” Walker also shared a gem for other high school students who are prepping for college applications. “Keep grinding no matter what,” Walker said, according to WJHG.

Samantha Dorisca

Apr 15, 2022

These Founders Designed a Low-Cost Virtual STEM Summer Camp for Students of Color

As COVID-19 continues to demand organizations and businesses to restructure their models for virtual access, many programs are not only following suit but are expanding their accessibility to all people. One such program is Stanford’s Science In The City STEM Summer Camp for students of color. According to Black Enterprise (BE ), Kevin L. Nichols of The Social Engineering Project (TSEP), Dr. Bryan Brown of Stanford’s Graduate School of Education (SGSE), and Margaux Lopez of SLAC Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) have teamed up to provide an affordable virtual summer experience for students of color at a rate of $350 until June 1. The program is designed for African American/Black, LatinX, Indigenous/Native American, and Pacific Islander fifth and sixth-grade students. This year’s curriculum will focus on interviewing knowledgeable scientists on the fascinating projects that they are working on, investigating real-life problems in our community, such as lead contamination (Flint &...

Devin Crudup

May 29, 2020

Why a Philosophy Professor is Leading an AI program at Stanford

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s always being applied appropriately. There have been rising concerns about AI’s performance and its potential for only worsening — or introducing — social issues. It all comes down to figuring out how to use AI in an ethical manner. Now, it seems some universities are taking on that responsibility themselves. On Monday, Stanford University announced the launch of a new program dedicated to guiding and developing human-centered artificial tech and applications. The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) will incorporate a focus on multidisciplinary collaboration. This is important because the lack of diversity in AI is glaringly apparent. That includes the lack of racial diversity leading to algorithms that do things like mistake Black people for gorillas . It also pushes back against the notion that tech should exist separate from everything else. When programs are developed, people outside...

Vanessa Taylor

Mar 19, 2019

Ken Chenault backs Nova Credit, an agency providing credit scores for immigrants

When immigrants move to a new country, activities like finding a rental unit, getting good rates on loans and more can feel impossible without a credit history that’s easy to access. The team at Nova Credit, including Misha Esipov, Nicky Goulimis and Loek Janssen, discovered that this was a struggle for immigrants trying to move for a job or to attend school. Although it was originally founded as a research project by the three Stanford University grad students, it is now a company with backing from Index Ventures and General Catalyst. Nova Credit provides the solution that allows immigrants to share their credit history from their country of origin with financial service providers. This allows immigrants to access lenders, property managers and more. It opens the doors for access in ways that were extremely difficult or impossible before. It gives immigrants a fresh start and fewer factors working against them. The Nova Credit team has grown their reach to cover the credit...