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Nike Files Lawsuit Against StockX For Selling Unauthorized Sneaker NFTs

Business has been booming in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but lawsuits have been filed over them as of late. On Feb. 3, Nike sued StockX, an online marketplace, for selling unauthorized NFTs of Nike sneakers, according to Reuters. According to the outlet, the federal complaint includes that the actions of StockX started in January of selling over 500 Nike-branded NFTs with “inflated prices and murky terms of purchase and ownership.” “Nike did not approve of or authorize StockX’s Nike-branded Vault NFTs,” the complaint reads. “Those unsanctioned products are likely to confuse consumers, create a false association between those products and Nike, and dilute Nike’s famous trademarks.” Nike is also accusing StockX of telling buyers they would be able to redeem the tokens for physical versions of the shoes “in the near future.” The sneaker giant’s intent for filing the lawsuit is for StockX to no longer sell or promote its Vault NFTs that use its trademarks, as well as for...

Feb 4, 2022