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Sprint is Suing AT&T Over "5GE" Rebrand

AT&T’s competitors have taken note of the company’s “5G Evolution” branding on phones and networks using 4G LTE Advanced Technology, but it hasn’t gone beyond crafty tweets or company blog posts –until now. Sprint recently filed a lawsuit in federal court, seeking an injunction to stop AT&T from using 5GE tags on its devices or advertising. In Sprint’s legal complaint , the company said it surveyed customers and found 54 percent of them believed AT&T’s “5GE” is as fast as, or faster than, actual 5G. Sprint also found that 43 percent of customers believed if they bought an AT&T phone today it would be 5G capable. According to Sprint, neither of those are true. Basically, Sprint says AT&T is cheating. While AT&T did launch the nation’s first 5G network last year, it’s not available everywhere. What AT&T calls 5GE is technology apart of the years-old 4G LTE-Advanced standard used by Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint on their 4G Networks. Despite this, AT&T has already incorporated 5GE...

Feb 11, 2019

More U.S. Teens Are Cutting Down Their Smartphone Use

Nagging parents and teachers aren’t the only ones concerned with our culture’s obsessions with smartphones and social media. A recent study by Pew Research Center shows that teens are consciously logging off and stepping back from using their phones nonstop. In fact, 52% of teens say they’re trying to limit their phone use. And 54% recognize that they spend too much time on their phones in general. With smartphones becoming more accessible and widely used than ever, 72% of teens say they have a habit of grabbing their phones when they first wake up. We’ve seen how checking our phones in the morning can lead to unhappiness, stress and feeling like you’re never fully caught up. So young people already thinking about ways to curb their smart phone use could be a good sign for their future mental health. It’s not only young people who are affected. More than half of teens polled believed that their parents are distracted by phones during their conversations and 72% of parents believe...

Aug 27, 2018