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A New Report Shows Privacy Issues Aren't Enough To Stop People From Buying Smart Devices

Every week there are new headlines about hacks and companies sharing private information about their users. Despite the frequency of these mishaps, people around the globe are still buying technology that collects data. Consumers International and the Internet Society did a study on at least 1,000 smart device users across the U.S., France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Japan. For the survey, connected devices are defined as those that connect the Internet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, like fitness monitors, home assistants, or gaming consoles. The report excluded smartphones and tablets from its research. The study found that 69 percent of people own one or more smart devices, yet 65 percent of people have concerns about how the devices collect and use personal data. U.S. respondents were the most worried about data issues, with 70 percent saying they have concerns. Around 63 percent of respondents said the way devices collect data is “creepy.” One major part of the disconnect...

May 20, 2019