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Kanye West Doesn't Have Current Plans For The Metaverse And NFTs — 'For Now I'm Not On That Wave'

The Metaverse will not be seeing global superstar Kanye West, or at least not anytime soon. West took to Instagram Monday (Jan. 31) to share with over 10 million followers that he will not be endorsing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at this time. Instead, Kanye West will continue to place his focus on his products, the “real world,” “real food,” “real clothes,” and “real shelter.” “STOP ASKING ME TO DO NFT’s I’M NOT FINNA CO-SIGN … FOR NOW I’M NOT ON THAT WAVE I MAKE MUSIC AND PRODUCTS IN THE REAL WORLD,” West wrote on Instagram. At the end of West’s note, he adds “ASK ME LATER.” So, perhaps the crypto world may gain a notable endorser in the near future.

Feb 1, 2022

Kanye West May Have Plans To Address LA's Homelessness Crisis With Skid Row Fashion Week

Kanye West may have a new fashion show and collab on the way that could benefit the homeless. TMZ reports Kanye West is working closely with streetwear brand Skid Row Fashion Week to collaborate on clothing and produce a one-of-a-kind showcase. Reportedly Kanye West and Skid Row Fashion Week founder David Sabastian, started discussions in early January 2022 as the rap legend hit the studio to begin production for the anticipated “Donda 2.”

Jan 27, 2022