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Singapore Airlines to Give Startups a Chance to Redefine Travel Through Tech

The future of travel has been a huge question mark for many companies in the industry for the last few months as COVID-19 has halted many travel efforts. As a means to be the driving force to redefine the way we travel, Singapore Airlines has begun its sixth edition of the SIA AppChallenge , which gives startup companies across various stages the chance to be the next big breakthrough in travel technology to “solve six key pain points,” Web in Travel reports . “Singapore Airlines prides itself on striving to be the world’s leading digital airline, and the AppChallenge is a perfect opportunity to continue to engage with startups and work towards solutions to some of the key challenges facing not just us, but the aviation industry as a whole,” Travis Lim, Assistant Manager Digital Innovation, Singapore Airlines said, according to Future Travel Experience . Travel Massive reports the mission behind the SIA AppChallenge is to have startups collaborate with Singapore Airlines business...

Jul 2, 2020