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Rares Opens Secondary Market Trading To Further Make The Sneaker Market More Inclusive For Investors

The inception of Rares, a fintech startup, came with the purpose of turning sneakerheads from once just collectors to investors. Having a love for kicks himself, former athlete Gerome Sapp took his insight of them being alternative assets and created a platform that gives back to the Black community by providing accessibility to the collectible sneaker space — leading them to build wealth off of being the pioneers of the culture — as previously reported by AfroTech. Now, the social investing platform is creating even more room for sneaker enthusiasts to lock down wins in the market. On April 5, Rares announced the addition of secondary market trading, according to a press release shared with AfroTech. “Secondary trading has always been part of the product roadmap for Rares,” Sapp told AfroTech. “We want to provide use rs an opportunity to trade shares after sneakers IPOs are sold out, increasing the liquidity of the asset. Every day, sneakers continue to appreciate in value year...

Apr 5, 2022