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This Fortune 500 Exec Is Tasting Success With Her Own Applesauce Company

Entrepreneurs often have to balance their small businesses with full-time jobs, having a social life, and finding the time to decompress. sanaía APPLESAUCE founder Keisha Smith-Jeremie is taking her balancing act to the next level as she builds out her brand while being the top human resources executive at a Fortune 500 company. “I’m working before I go into the office, I have my team meetings on weekends, I do other work at night,” Smith-Jeremie said. “If you’re going to do both, you need to be able to draw boundaries to make sure you’re honoring the commitment that you’ve made to your job.” sanaía APPLESAUCE, an applesauce brand created for adults, launched in 2017. Smith-Jeremie said she got her love for fresh fruits from her home in the Bahamas and began making applesauce in her spare time in college. She began mixing flavors that would be more appealing for older groups. sanaía APPLESAUCE now has six flavors, including blackberry, ginger, guava, hibiscus, lavender pear, and...

Oct 4, 2019