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Founder Sam Ojei Lost a Nearly $1M Fortune Investing, Now He Owns Nigeria's Largest Co-Working Space

How did a Nigerian Harvard grad turn a million-dollar business loss into a prosperous venture for his home country? Through hard work, determination, and the art of pivoting. Sam Ojei — a Business Analytics alumnus of Harvard Business School — is the founder of Workcity, which is considered a major co-working space in Lagos, Nigeria. Ojei’s entrepreneurial journey dates back to high school where he adopted photography as his introduction to the business world. From there, he founded Bioscope — a social enterprise that manages the recruitment of students to Canada to pursue different courses. After seeing his business take off, Ojei felt he was Africa’s next big business mogul and went off to start his next big venture — an e-commerce company called Niiyo Nigeria. Face2Face Africa shares that things were panning out well for Ojei until 2015 hit. The Nigerian entrepreneur lost close to $1 million in revenue made from his business and all his progress went down the drain. “I lost...

Njera Perkins

Mar 5, 2021