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From Receptionist to CEO: Ramona Hood Appointed as FedEx's First Black CEO

Ramona Hood has been named president and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, making her the first African American to hold the position in the company’s history. According to Commercial Appeal , Hood transitions into her role as CEO after serving as vice president of operations, strategy, and planning for FedEx Custom Critical. However, her initial position at FedEx was that of a receptionist. In 1991, as a 19-year-old single mother in search of a full-time job, Hood started her career at FedEx, previously known as Roberts Express. “I just wanted a schedule that would be consistent,” Hood told The Commercial Appeal. As CEO of the company, Hood wants to use technology to address customer’s shipment needs by “looking at things in ways we haven’t in the past.” Hood’s rise to the top was far from a fluke, but intentional on the part of the receptionist turned CEO. She explains her ability to climb the ladder was due to being “pretty intentional and purposeful with gaining experience” during...

Feb 28, 2020