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Ava DuVernay Spotlights Women of Color in Upcoming Political Docuseries

Writer, producer, and director Ava DuVernay is painting a brighter future for women through her work. The award-winning filmmaker plans to shift the political landscape as she prepares to release a powerful docuseries highlighting women of color in politics titled, “And She Could Be Next.” “There are more of us than those who seek to do us harm.” AND SHE COULD BE NEXT debuts on @PBS via @POVdocs this summer. — Ava DuVernay (@ava) April 17, 2020 The PBS project — set to debut in June — will spotlight the movement of women of color making major strides in American politics. POV — part of PBS’ public television series that features independent nonfiction films — acquired the U.S. broadcast and streaming rights to the docuseries as part of PBS’ summer “Trailblazers” initiative to celebrate the centennial of the women’s vote, Deadline reports . The docuseries aims to pay homage to women of color who are using their voices to inspire change. “If ever there was a...

Njera Perkins

Apr 17, 2020

These Black Women are the Powerhouses Behind the 2020 Presidential Campaigns

The 2020 Presidential race has been a battle from the very beginning. Now more than ever, more Black women are getting opportunities to hold leadership positions as the brainpower behind many of the presidential campaigns. “According to an expert, the number of Black women involved in presidential campaigns this go-round is unprecedented,” Essence reported. Whether they’re on the frontlines or behind the scenes, these powerful sisters have been entrusted to help lead the future of politics alongside candidates in the Democratic primary field. Get to know the Black women behind some of these presidential campaigns below. Maya Harris Photo Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images Maya Harris , a civil rights lawyer and previous senior policy advisor on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was recruited by her sister, Sen. Kamala Harris to serve as her campaign chair. Although the senator exited the race before the primary votes were tallied, she alongside her sister helped break down political...

Njera Perkins

Apr 13, 2020

From Fake News to Deepfake News: Facebook Bans AI-Manipulated Media from Its Site

The catchphrase “fake news,” which sparked amusement during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, is no longer a laughing matter. Now Facebook is taking steps to prove it. On Tuesday, the social media giant announced that it will now ban deepfake video content from its site, according to a new policy update. Deepfake video is content altered so adroitly by artificial intelligence algorithms that it falsely convinces the reader of its authenticity. New, enhanced digital manipulation software that superimposes content can give undue credibility to media that was once readily identifiable as false. Since the swift and widespread circulation of false information in social media has an exponential effect for the misinformed and their followers, Facebook’s ban may offer a glimmer of hope. While some applaud Facebook for taking this step, the decision does raise eyebrows. Facebook’s timing is questionable, given that this week’s announcement came just days before a congressional hearing...

Emily Adeyanju

Jan 8, 2020

ISAs Could Open Up New Educational Opportunities for Millions of Underrepresented Americans

ISAs allow students to pay no tuition upfront, in exchange for a percentage of their future income after graduation. This fall, 19.9 million people are expected to attend college or university in pursuit of a degree. It is expected that around one million students will default on their student loans as well. In the past, higher education was seen as a ticket toward higher salaries and better jobs, but today, with student debt balances appreciating, people are starting to think twice about pursuing further education. As the price of tuition increases — the price of college is appreciating almost eight times faster than wages — students are increasingly relying on debt to finance their education. One method to address this problem that has already gained traction in the form of a bipartisan bill — is Income Share Agreements (ISAs) . Income Share Agreements Income Share Agreements , for which bipartisan legislation is being considered, allow students to pay no tuition upfront, in...

Ruben Harris

Nov 13, 2019