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Carson Huey-You Makes History With Bachelor's at 14 and Master's by 17 at TCU

Black excellence has no age limit, even the youngest of all are setting out to achieve academic excellence. Physics student Carson Huey-You is history in the making at 17-year-old, as the youngest to receive both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Texas Christian University, Face 2 Face Africa reports . Huey-You has always been a young genius with a passion for STEM, studying algebra at the tender age of 5. “I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to do physics,” he told Fort Worth Star-Telegram . “It started when I was watching ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ when I was home-schooled. There was never any question about it, no going back and forth with things like ‘I want to be a doctor’ to ‘I want to be a physicist,’ to ‘I want to be a firefighter.’” Despite being the youngest in his classes, rarely anyone ever gave Huey-You trouble about his age. “Everyone has always treated me as a peer,” he said to the news outlet. “There have, of course, been outliers here and there, but for...

Jun 12, 2020