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New York Court Upholds Verdict That Jay-Z Is Owed $6.8M From Fragrance Company Parlux

Jay-Z has one less problem on his radar. The rapper is still set to receive a major payday that will allow him to pocket $6.8 million.

Samantha Dorisca

Jun 2, 2023

Jay-Z To Receive Nearly $7M In Unpaid Royalties From Parlux Fragrances After A Six-Year Legal Battle

The six-year legal battle between Jay-Z and Parlux Fragrances has officially come to an end. Jay Z's legal drama has come to an end. Asked whether he had 98 problems now, he said: — Victoria Bekiempis (@vicbekiempis) November 10, 2021  

Ngozi Nwanji

Aug 29, 2022

Jay-Z Awarded $4.5M In Unpaid Royalties From Fragrance Company Parlux

Even when Jay-Z “loses,” he still wins! The news of his failed partnership “Gold Jay-Z” — launched in 2013 with Parlux, a fragrance company — was made publicly known three months ago when a Manhattan jury cleared him of $67 million in damages regarding the deal. Jay-Z’s name has now been cleared even more as the company recently had to cut the check. On Feb. 24, the Hip-Hop superstar won $4.5 million in unpaid royalties from Parlux, according to Billboard. Although the overall endorsement deal went downhill, a New York state appeals court brought truth to the light that sales were still made. “The record is clear: Parlux sold licensed products after July 31, 2015, but failed to pay royalties on those sales,” wrote Justice John Higgitt of the New York Appellate Division, according to Billboard. On top of the royalties, the court went on to rule that it would also include interest for the product sales. The outlet reports that Jay-Z’s win follows after over six years of litigation and...

Ngozi Nwanji

Feb 25, 2022