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Virtual Learning Costs Are a Billion-Dollar Burden For Parents This Fall

Make no mistake, the pandemic has forced a major shift in all day-to-day processes—one being the school system. After months of debate whether sending kids back to school is safe, in many states, kids have continued distance learning . This new practice—carried over from many students’ previous school year—has introduced a heap of new ridiculous expectations for kids and their parents. A Bankrate survey of about 600 parents with children enrolled in pre-kindergarten through high school courses says 61 percent of parents believe they’ll spend more money on remote learning this fall. Among the mandatory costs are school uniforms, meals, and new technology. In short, the negative impact distance learning has on families financially is glaring. I told y'all it's all about compliance because WUTTICEDIS?! — Angela 👩🏾‍💻👩🏾‍🏫 (@wokeSTEMteacher) September 6, 2020 This fall, some Southern California school districts still require private school kids to wear uniforms in the...

Sep 19, 2020